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  • Christmas Party


    On Friday December 13th, SCS and their guests celebrated Christmas at the Angus Glen Golf and Country Club where we enjoyed a delicious meal, dancing! What a fantastic evening! We were entertained and had our minds bent by a mentalist who had every skeptic turned believer by the end of the night. Amazing entertainment, fantastic […]

  • Kids Christmas Party 2013


    This year the annual SCS Kids Christmas Party took place on Sunday December 8th at the office and included some special guests from “Zoo to You”, a company which brings the animals to you. Kids had fun watching and petting animals such as a Bearded Dragon, a Rose Hair Tarantula, a Burmese Python a Red […]

  • Fall Spectacular – SkyZone


    SCS ventured out to SkyZone and had a great time! No one got (seriously) injured, just a face or two.  There were controversial calls in the final game between the Super Tramps and Dodge Fathers, but the Dodge Fathers came out victorious.  Congrats to Dylan, Marilee, Tim, Cam, Rob, Steve S. and Steve C.  Thanks […]

  • Mudder 2013


    The SCS Tough Mudder team fought through the cuts, bruises, aches and pains to complete the 17km course up and down Mt. St. Louis. The twelve member SCS team and friends pressed through all 25 plus obstacles including the “Berlin Wall”, “Everest”, “Arctic Enema” and everyone’s favourite the “Electric Eel”.  Although the intimidating height of […]

  • SCS Baseball Triple Play


    Torrential downpours? We’ll be there! Blazing heat waves? Bring it on! Triple plays? Definitely! Crushing home runs? You betcha! That sums up another successful SCS softball season. The team finished middle of the pack during the regular season and had a strong showing in the playoffs to come third (we were the only team to […]

  • Summer Spectacular 2013


    SCS started the summer out right this year once again! The SCS team gathered at Burd’s Family Fishing ponds where we enjoyed fishing, activities, people falling in the pond and so much more.  After heading to the Seeley home where we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our families we awarded the coveted Jimmy Cup […]

  • Spartan Race


    What a race for the SCS Spartan Team! A day filled with excitement and preparation for an even more challenging race the upcoming Tough Mudder.  The team was unstoppable, Cam came in 26th out of 2500 people attending the race, congratulations Cam.  Tim won for best injury, he had his legs lock up after he […]

  • New Soccer Era

    The SCS Jimmy’s are entering a new soccer era! After taking 2 seasons off to reflect on their playmaking, they are back stronger than ever having added all-star talents such as Tim Edmondson. The early seasons saw the team close to breaking with suffering several defeats of more than 10 goals against, much to the […]