Our Vision

To be the most respected consulting firm in the land development industry.

Our Mission

To build long lasting working relationships with the most respected developers in the land development industry.

Our Values

Integrity, Accountability, Quality, Sustainability, Innovation, Team Work, Preferred Employer.

Strategic Priorities

The key to the success of SCS Consulting Group is our exceptional client service.

  • SCS Consulting Group employees are empowered and encouraged to take ownership of their projects;
  • We believe our fundamental strength lies within our staff. SCS Consulting Group employees are fairly compensated and rewarded with challenging work, career growth opportunities, and job satisfaction;
  • SCS Consulting Group has built a solid reputation for excellence and quality work. All products are subject to strict quality assurance measures, and SCS only produces cost effective and innovative designs;
  • Senior staff and project managers apply their skills and expertise to every project, and they continue to be involved in all aspects¬†through the life of each project;
  • We continuously build long lasting relationships within the industry which aids SCS Consulting Group in servicing its clients;
  • The SCS Consulting Group business model is built for longevity;
  • SCS Consulting Group uses the most innovative tools. Employees have the best software and technology at their disposal, so work can be executed in the most efficient manner. This enables SCS to produce designs and work productively in the most cost effective way possible;
  • SCS Consulting Group will continue to build relationships within the industry, and endeavor to stay current on factors influencing the development community. This will allow SCS to provide clients with timely and strategic advice that will assist them in making informed business decisions;
  • SCS Consulting Group will encourage employees to be part of the communities that they live and work in. Volunteerism is rewarding and will allow SCS to give something back to the people that have supported the growth of SCS.

By remaining focused on the Mission, Values and Strategic Priorities, SCS Consulting Group will achieve its Vision.