New Soccer Era

The SCS Jimmy’s are entering a new soccer era! After taking 2 seasons off to reflect on their playmaking, they are back stronger than ever having added all-star talents such as Tim Edmondson. The early seasons saw the team close to breaking with suffering several defeats of more than 10 goals against, much to the despair of Paul Sarta (goal keeper at the time) who was continuously used as target practice by the opponents. Through great team work and perseverance, as well as a goal keeper change, the team managed to score the odd goals and even win a few games. Talks are currently underway to obtain bonuses for every won match in the form of free cake for the office (if you wish to partition for this see Phil Sheridan, head negotiator). This season the team is sad to announce it will lose the services of Erich Knechtel and Steve Schaefer to retirement. Recruitment is still open! If you are interested, please see Max S.