Typical Projects

SCS Provides engineering services for land development and municipal projects throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe area.

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/Masters-Creek-Subdivision-Town-of-Mono-02apr12-462x260.jpg

    Masters Creek Subdivision

    SCS Consulting Group was responsible for overseeing the overall stormwater design within this 68 lot development including coordination of an Operation and Maintenance Manual for the stormwater management pond system within the site. This manual presented to the Town included siltation control protocol, including cleaning program prior to Town assumption, as well as maintenance activities […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/Greensborough-Secondary-Plan-Town-of-Markham-02apr12-462x260.jpg


    SCS Consulting Group, the staff initially managed the Functional Servicing Plan and Environmental Master Drainage Plan for the landowner group, in support of their Draft Plans. Following the planning approvals, SCS staff members continued to lead the engineering team in administering the group’s cost sharing agreement for $37,700,000 of community construction costs. Our Staff were […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/Grand-Valley-Trails-Phse-I-02apr12-462x260.jpg

    Grand Valley Trails

    SCS Consulting Group, the staff were responsible for the detailed design, overall coordination, inspection and monitoring of the earthworks, removal of unsuitable fill and site servicing, as well as contract administration and construction of a sanitary pumping station for this project. SCS civil works included the review and revisions to the existing preliminary detailed design […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/Empire-Rain-–-Town-of-Oakville-02apr12-462x260.jpg

    Empire Rain

    SCS Consulting Group was retained by Empire Communities and managed the civil engineering component of this multi-disciplinary design team responsible for planning and implementing a mixed use commercial and residential two tower condominium including 21 and 19 storey towers joined by a 5 storey podium for a total unit count of 532 units. The project […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/Shops-on-Steeles-Town-of-Markham-29mar12-462x260.jpg

    The Shops on Steeles

    SCS Consulting Group staff have prepared the functional servicing report in support of The Shops on Steeles’ Re-Zoning and Official Plan Amendment for a mixed-use re-development of an existing plaza. The site is located on the north side of Steeles Avenue East, east of Don Mills Road, west of Highway 404 and south of Wycliffe […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/NW-Sutton-Landowners-Group-29mar12-462x260.jpg

    North West Sutton

    SCS Consulting Group has been retained by the North West Sutton Landowners Group to act as the Group Engineer in support of the Land Use Concept Plan. The North West Sutton Development Area is bounded; on the south by Baseline Road; on the east by Dalton Road; and on the west by the Sutton Urban […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/Underpass-Park-City-of-Toronto-19Aug11-462x260.jpg

    Underpass Park

    SCS Consulting Group has been retained by The Planning Partnership on behalf of Waterfront Toronto to provide engineering services in support of the proposed Underpass Park located under and around the Eastern Avenue and the Richmond Street/Adelaide Street overpasses, between Cherry Street and Bayview Avenue. The park proposes to transform the derelict and unused space […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2012/11/Village-Subdivision-15sep10.jpg

    The Village Neighbourhood

    The Village is a unique ‘Traditional Neighbourhood Design’ Subdivision with narrow pedestrian friendly roads, rear lanes and underground stormwater management facilities located within Park areas. SCS Consulting Group was responsible for the preliminary design, detailed design, overall coordination, inspection and monitoring of the earthworks, removal of unsuitable fill and site servicing for this project. SCS […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2010/06/Tacc-Brookfield-Metrus-Site_621x353-462x260.jpg

    Aurora 2C Landowners Group

    SCS Consulting Group was retained by the Aurora 2C Landowners Group to act as the Group Engineer. As Group Engineer, SCS has completed the Master Servicing Study in support of the Secondary Plan and has assisted the Landowners Group in establishing fair and equitable Cost Sharing principles. Working together with the multidisciplinary consultant team, SCS […]

  • https://www.scsconsultinggroup.com/file/2010/06/friday_harbour_site-map_621x353-462x260.jpg

    Friday Harbour

    SCS Consulting Group is part of a multi-disciplinary consultant team undertaking a broad range of studies in support of this marina resort development. Our role is to provide engineering support during the planning, Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), design phases of the project, including an innovative and extensive treatment train of low impact development techniques to […]